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TIP: The sand in your filter will require a 4 minute backwash, and a 1 minute rinse BEFORE starting the filtration system. If this is not done, your pool will become instantly cloudy from the impurities in the sand.

Commissioning of New Pools

When you have had a new swimming pool built it is sometimes hard to know where to start!

New pools need extra care BEFORE starting the pump!

The best time to call us is during the final stages of the build. This way we can advise you best of how to proceed.

Our Commissioning Service includes advice before the pool is finished and on how and when to fill the pool, and how much water will be required.

Clearwater Pools, pool contruction advice and pool start up service

When the pool is full we will:

  • Check the valve positions and selector valve before start-up
  • Backwash and rinse filter
  • Start the system
  • Check the pool water
  • Add the appropriate chemicals (additional charge for chemicals)
  • Clean the pool

For prices on commissioning, please call us.

Costs depend on whether there is debris to remove from the pool, and also if the pool is full but the water has deteriorated.

Don’t forget to ask us about training if you have not maintained a pool before

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