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If you have made your home here in Spain then the care and maintenance of your pool may be something you wish to do yourself.

Clearwater Pools offers a complete training course, at your own pool.

Clearwater Pools, training for pool owners

Training consists of:

  • Full training on how your pool works
  • What equipment you need
  • Step by Step Cleaning – We will clean your pool and train you as we go
  • How to operate the valves for filtering, hoovering, backwashing, rinsing, hoovering to waste, emptying the pool and recirculation
  • How to clean the pump basket
  • How long to run the pump and set the timer
  • Clearwater Pools, training for pool owners
  • What chemicals to use and why
  • How to test and chemicalise your pool
  • When and how to add chemicals

We will give you an Instruction Manual detailing all of the above plus:

  • A chart showing all the necessary valve positions
  • Problems you may come across in the future and how to solve them
  • Copies of articles published by Clearwater Pools

Once your training is complete you can call us at any time for support or advice – completely free of charge

Cost: 80€ (incl. IVA) including the Instruction Manual.

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