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Poolkeeper automated pool monitoring system

Not everyone has an ‘autofill’ built into the pool and this means that the water level has to be maintained manually using a hose.

This is fine when you are permanently at home. However, for those of you that use your property for holidays or spend several weeks a year away, then keeping the water high enough can be a headache.

As any responsible pool owner knows, pools lose water for a variety of reasons. Evaporation from sun & wind and even minor leaks in the pool itself reduces the water level and if it drops below the skimmers, causing the pump to run dry, serious damage can occur!

Poolkeeper automated pool monitoring system

"The Poolkeeper® works to keep the water level stable 24 hours a day by constantly monitoring the water level adding water as needed."


  • Automatically maintains water level
  • Helps prevent pump motor damage
  • Less than half the size of similar units
  • Easy to install
    • Simple assembly requires no tools
    • Requires no rocks or sand to stabilize
    • Requires no plumbers or electricians
    • Requires no structural modifications
  • Ideal when travel prevents checking swimming pool
  • Easily portable


  • Operates with a standard garden hose
  • Above swimming pool deck:1.5" Height, 6 3/8" Width, 16 5/8" Length
  • Weight:3.3 pounds
  • Depth Adjustable to Preferred Water Level
  • Easy Installation – Installs in Minutes
  • Works on Water Pressure – Connects to Garden Hose
  • Helps Protect Pump or / Motor from Burn-Out Due to Lack of Water Flow
  • Completely Portable – Easily Moved to Different Locations Around Your swimming pool
  • Limited One Year Warranty

  • Purchase price: 130€ incl. IVA + delivery

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